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Sunday, 16 November 2008

Paddling in Pahia, New Zealand

There I was, flipping through a guide book in my hostel bunk, while
crunching noisily on vitamin C drops and sniffing back the head cold
that I had picked up somewhere in the rainy streets of Auckland. It
was day three of my solo adventure to the North Island of New Zealand.
With limited time, I decided to explore the Bay of Islands at the
utmost tip of the land, rich with native Maori history, geographically
blessed with one hundred forty-four islands, and some of the best
sport-fishing in the world.  I was dripping with anticipation—and as
sick as a dog.

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Thursday, 11 October 2007

Okarito's Endangered Kiwi Birds

I was walking back from a stroll along the shoreline of the tumultuous Tasman Sea. Huge white frothy waves rolled in fast and tossed the beach rocks smooth. The sea was reclaiming its territory and I needed to move. Giggling as I scurried to miss a wave whose speed I had miscalculated, I felt energized and happy. The mountainous western coast of the South Island of New Zealand (also known as Westland) is wild and unpredictable. Exhilarating! Gazing up at the craggy cliffs, I enjoyed the strong breeze and penetrating sunrays and wondered what the day would bring. I could not have predicted the rare adventure to come later that evening.

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In the beginning there was darkness, te po--the domain of the gods. Here, Rangi the Sky Father and Papa the Earth Mother were joined in an intimate embrace that left the world void of light. They begot many sons who dominated aspects of the natural world: they controlled animals, the forests, the weather, and the seas. The sons of earth and sky suffered from the eternal darkness of the tight hold between Heaven and Earth and resolved to separate their parents.

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