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Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Two Days in Dubai

Often called the “Las Vegas of the Middle East,” Dubai is a place where I’d heard it was possible to spend a lot of time and money indulging every worldly desire; including shopping, dining, sightseeing, pampering, even indoor skiing. All of which sounds exciting, but I was only planning a quick, shoestring trip to a few places around the world. My only indulgences would be to do an occasional load of laundry and maybe buy some chic French cigarettes. So when my travel agent suggested stopping over in Dubai for a couple of days

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Guidebooks and advertisements perpetuate an image of New Zealand as a pristine, unspoiled territory, almost sterile in its purity – which on the whole it is. Soaring peaks rise above shimmering crystal-clear fjords, icy glaciers cut through craggy mountain passes, and picturesque herds of fluffy sheep lazily wander across the endless green rolling hills.

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Sunday, 25 February 2007

An Interview with Rolf Potts

If you’ve never heard of Rolf Potts, then you’re one of the disadvantaged few. A seasoned traveler and writer, he has been to over fifty countries and has written about his adventures for dozens of magazines and newspapers, from the high-profile to the humble. Rolf always tells his tales in a witty and wise way that has earned him worldwide praise.

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Monday, 04 December 2006

House Exchange

Though it has flown largely under the radar for years, home exchange is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to conventional vacation accommodation, and is starting to get a lot of mainstream exposure, thanks to the new film “Holiday” starring Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz, and a spate of recent publicity on shows such as Today and MSNBC.

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Name any place in the world, and chances are that Jeff Biggers has been there. A seasoned writer and traveler, he has journeyed to some of the most exotic places on the map and written about them with great vitality and passion. Biggers is not simply a “travel writer” – that label is far too simple to describe his work. His books, short stories, articles, and radio programs explore the inner life of the places and cultures he has visited by weaving a complex tapestry of historical details, vignettes of daily life, profiles of local people, and geographical discovery.

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For 24 days in June and July Ryan Jordan, Roman Dial, and Jason Geck braved sub-zero temperatures, rabid packs of mosquitoes, numerous bear encounters, and dangerous river crossings in their quest to be the first group to traverse the Brooks Range of northwestern Alaska.  The Brooks Range is the largest contiguous roadless and uninhabited wilderness in America -- 15 times larger than the next-most-remote spot in the US.

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