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Monday, 23 March 2009

Le V en Vertheuil, Bordeaux, France

The Médoc region of Bordeaux produces some of the best known and most expensive wines in the world, and the hotel choices in the area seem priced to match. Unless you’re a professional in the wine industry, or on a luxury tour of the area with a first-class tour operator, it’s hard to get into the wineries and to find decent lodging options in the area without having to return to the city of Bordeaux each day. Or there is the option of paying an arm and a leg to stay in one of the shabbily maintained hotels in a riverside town along the Médoc wine route: the D2. If you are willing to venture a little farther afield (and into the wilds of the Médoc’s interior), you will find the delightful V en Vertheuil Inn, with just three large, modern, well-appointed rooms, and a price tag that comes in at under $80 a night, including breakfast.

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Saturday, 15 December 2007

Art Hotel, Buenos Aires

Whether you come to Buenos Aires for the history, shopping, food, nightlife, or because you have an abiding fascination with Evita, the Art Hotel in the bustling Barrio Norte neighborhood is a great place to call home during your stay.
Part of a family of inns and boutique hotels called “Rusticae,” Art Hotel is a little gem

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Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Hotel Del Patio, Santiago, Chile

Located in the heart of the bohemian paradise of Bellavista, Hotel Del Patio is a hip, ten-room boutique alternative to Santiago’s larger hotel chains.  Though surrounded by the breathtaking Andes with their vertiginous snowy peaks and ambling along the trickle of water known as the Mapocho River, Santiago does not have the charms or character of other South American cities. It is not as messy or chaotic or friendly as Buenos Aires or Cusco.

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