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The flaps go down, the wheels descend out of the body of the aircraft and suddenly the tiny plane shudders to a halt. The light is golden and I am surrounded by palm trees as far as the eye can see.

“Welcome to Quepos Manuel Antonio!” exclaims the handsome young pilot over his shoulder. It’s the first leg of my five-day excursion into Costa Rica’s southern and less-explored villages and jungles; a vagabond’s dream come true. I arrive in Quepos Manuel Antonio not as a tourist, but as a chronic itinerant. I’ve come to look at this place as bit of an obsession; it is as if some vortex constantly pulls me back.

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Saturday, 05 July 2008

Belize: Paradise in Placencia

I wandered back along Placencia’s crumbled main street, and found the Pickled Parrot, a palm-thatched bar and grill where Christina’s boyfriend Greg worked as a bartender. I pulled up a stool at the bar and glanced around at the liquor selection; needless to say, their rum options were numerous. Greg must have been in his early fifties, with long, flowing gray hair, a neatly trimmed beard and crystal-blue eyes. He reminded me of a deadhead scientist, equipped with wire-rimmed spectacles that clung to the abrupt angle of his long nose. With a grunt and a nod he acknowledged me as he finished mixing a pink cocktail for another patron.

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Halfway between Guatemala’s capital and its border with Belize lies 
the small mountain town of Cobán and the national park, Samuc Champey. 
Located in the mountainous Alta Verapaz province, Samuc Champey was a 
holy site for the ancient Kekchi Mayans and means, ‘Sacred Water.’ 
Praised for its picturesque beauty, the park’s main attraction is a 
natural limestone bridge of lagoons that sits atop a mighty mountain 
river tumbling down a sub-tropical valley.

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