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Monday, 04 December 2006

World Art for A.L.S. Awareness - Page 2

Written by Arya Kazemi
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Getting the opportunity to use one’s vocation or avocation to further a worthy cause is something that nearly all of us seem to aspire to, but don’t always fully pursue or know how to go about. Since everyone who visits this innovative site (and I emphasize ‘in’) lists travel either as his or her business or hobby: the project I’m about to mention may be your perfect chance.





According to Fred, various factors went into his decision to undertake this very ambitious project called World Art for A.L.S. Awareness. The increased isolation and the realization that his mobility and muscle control were about to be reduced quickly and dramatically heightened his desire to raise awareness regarding A.L.S, and most importantly- the need to make “a connection with the world,” fully knowing the lowered life expectancy caused by the Syndrome.

artMr. Siwak has created more than 60 images on his computer by moving the mouse wedged between his hands and using lateral pressure in order to control the mouse. His work highly emphasizes nature and consists mostly of birds, flowers, butterflies and other such natural wonders.

Through sheer determination (even though he must use a mouth stick to type Mr. Siwak still seeks out participants for his project on a daily basis through various online sites) Fred has managed to knock off all but a baker’s dozen countries from the list of 194 nations recognized by the World Art project.Butterfly



Those countries are:



Antigua and Barbuda



Central African Republic


Congo (Republic of the Congo: Brazzaville)

Equatorial Guinea



Micronesia, Federated States of





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