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Tuesday, 01 January 2013

Volunteering with Wildlife Projects in Namibia: Enkosini Eco Experience - Page 2

Written by Norman A. Rubin
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Third, as you will be working closely with the local population you will have to dress and behave in accordance with what is acceptable locally.


Lastly, remember that, diseases are quite prevalent throughout Africa so make sure you take all the medicine and precautions you need including the required inoculations.


If you find that the Enkosini Eco Experience is the right fit for you, you will get the rare opportunity to work with sharks, penguins, rhinos and a variety of other animals.  Their range of volunteer projects has something for everyone; even offering the most adventurous individual the chance to take part in rewarding ‘hands-on’ conservation work.  


Volunteer work ranges from 1 to 12 weeks, giving the volunteers the opportunity to become involved in a wide variety of conservation activities such as, anti-poaching patrols, animal care and feeding, monitoring and counting of varied types of wildlife, erecting and checking of game fences, bush rehabilitation and  day to day reserve maintenance. Each volunteer is given the choice to focus exclusively on one project or take part in a variety of conservation activities.


The Enkosini experience also includes plenty of free-time for volunteers to relax and explore the beautiful sanctuary.  It offers hiking, horseback riding,  and excellent fishing.  There are also rockpools and waterfalls which provide great swimming. In the evenings the knowledgeable staff taught us about the local flora and fauna.  


Below, I’ve listed additional details about this, and other Volunteer Projects that are currently being offered:


The Enkosini Wildlife Sanctuary - a spectacular 15,000 acre wildlife preserve, is a bushveld haven, offering a unique malaria-free bush experience for nature lovers seeking in depth the various habitats of Nature's creatures. 


Ekosini Ranger Program - The Enkosini Wildlife Sanctuary is currently accepting dedicated volunteers to work as rangers for a minimum of six months. An Enkosini ranger experience is an absolute must for anyone who is enthusiastic about wildlife and the environment.


Makalali Game Reserve - Makalali, meaning “Place of Rest” in Shangaan, is a unique conservation initiative to expand South Africa's green frontier by re-establishing the ancient traditional wildlife migration routes that linked the famous Kruger Park in the east to the lush Drakensberg Mountains in the west. 


Bab SmallerThe Baboon Sanctuary - established in 1989 as a sanctuary for all indigenous wildlife. The Baboon Sanctuary currently houses over 400 baboons and is the only facility in Southern Africa that accepts orphaned or abandoned baboons and offers them long term care and attention in a created habitat. - Volunteers are needed to assist in the daily running of the Sanctuary as well as the rehabilitation program. Caring for animals requires patience, compassion and above all a calm demeanor.  


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