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Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Graduating with a Different Plan: Volunteering in Tanzania - Page 3

Written by Meredith Chait
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Some nights I spent time with the other volunteers I met at the school, going to get coffee at a café or playing cards, and thinking about how I was actually living in Africa. 

I also got to travel within Tanzania. I got to go to Zanzibar, where Swahili was first spoken, and on a safari. Both are things I have wanted to do for years. 

If my experience at the University of Kansas taught me anything, it is to not let anything or anyone hold me back from what I want to do, even if that means traveling to Africa, including flying on a 5-seater plane to Zanzibar and going on a safari, alone. 

DSC 0874

My time in Tanzania was fulfilling. And, the experience tested me: I learned who I was and what I could handle. It was a good experience to transition from academia into the working world. 

Many of my friends also left the country for a chance at an adventure. One went to Mexico and another one went to Madagascar. We all found our own adventures, and did not have to get that 9-to-5 job – yet. 

In Tanzania, I learned what type of career I want and what type I don’t want. I want a hands-on job abroad helping people, for example helping people with HIV/AIDS or refugees. 

I did not get the urge to travel out of my system. I now want more adventures and more opportunities to travel, and never have a desk job. Now, I am looking for a job abroad and hoping to go back to Dar es Salaam to see the friends I made there. 


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