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Tuesday, 01 January 2019

The Last Wild Miles of Glen Canyon - Page 3

Written by Jim Chamberlain
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Echo Peaks sit at the end of Glen Canyon and the beginning of Marble Canyon. Marble Canyon ends 60 miles downriver and marks the beginning of the Grand Canyon. Echo Peaks with its serrated cliff tops signals that our destination at Lees Ferry is just around the bend.  Lees Ferry is the only place to access the Colorado River for 250 miles. It was discovered by Spanish Explorers and from the late 1870’s was the place Mormon settlers crossed from Utah to Arizona by the ferry. It is now the starting point for rafting expeditions downriver to the Grand Canyon and upriver to Glen Canyon. The Navajo Bridge built in the 1920s eliminated the need for the ferry. The steep canyon cliffs all around made it the only place to build a road to the river that allows the limited access granted by government to this last wild section of one of the best canyons of the Colorado.


If you go:

You will need to book one of the half or full days tours thru a tour company. I went as part of a tour with Arizona Highways on a PhotoScape. If you like photography, these tours are the best. You can book your own tour through Wilderness River Adventures. This is a very good tour for those with mobility issues. You need only to be able to walk short distances. Water and Lemonade are provided but either arrange for a lunch or bring snacks as there are no places available till Lees Ferry. There are no rapids or difficult stretches of water. Life jackets are available for everyone.

Page, Arizona is a great base for visiting this section of Utah and Arizona. It has several hotels and restaurants that give you a good selection of places to stay or dine at. Other mandatory sites to see are Antelope Canyon, Horseshoe Bend, and Lake Powell. Horseshoe Bend requires a 1.5 mile round trip hike up and down an easy but steep hill. It has wonderful views but no safety railings yet so be careful near the edge.

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