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Monday, 31 October 2016

The Cabot Trail Begins and Ends at Baddeck: The Gem of Cape Breton - Page 3

Written by Habeeb Salloum and Muna Salloum
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Still laughing from John’s jokes, we cruised by and caught glimpses of Alexander Graham Bell’s summer mansion Beinn Breaugh that sits atop a forested hill. Dotted along the same hills are the homesteads of Bell’s descendants. I reflected on this great inventor’s legacy and how he added to the way of life of the modern age and also how he changed the course of Baddeck’s history. Bell loved the scenery around Baddeck which inspired his great works. Baddeck reminded him of the Scottish Highlands from which Bell hailed. He felt he had come home by purchasing large tracts of land in Baddeck and calling it home. He lived, loved and created in this ethereal setting.


Past the Bell remains, Captain John gently turned the schooner around and we were on our way back. The rolling waves were gentle in their caressing of the schooner. The air combined with the drops of water gave a feeling of calmness. I looked around at the sloping green hills and they seemed to add beauty to our small schooner atop the water making the scene a picture postcard of beauty.


Captain John, still entertaining us, asked if we wanted to have a look at new reading material that he claimed he “couldn’t put down”. “Sure!” we all said. He pulled out a large paperback and displayed it promptly. “Sailing for Dummies is my new bedtime reading!”. Even the comedy added to my relaxed state.


I sat back enjoying the brisk pure air and slightly cool breeze enveloping my body. It was a fitting end to a few hours of sailing amid the breathtaking vistas of Baddeck and its allurements.


After we docked some of the passengers headed towards the nearby Alexander Graham Bell Museum while others stood in groups discussing the cruise.


As we left my daughter turned to me saying: “I don’t know what I enjoyed more – the jokes, the soothing breezes or the people on board. Baddeck has a trait of forgetting life’s worries.”


With this short simple cruise being so exciting, imagine all the other activities and sites to be experienced on the Cabot Trail.

Cape Breton Scottish Piper

©Habeeb Salloum and Muna Salloum


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