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Friday, 01 January 2016

Kiev, Ukraine: Golden Domes, Shimmering Spires and Bohemian Spirits of Freedom - Page 3

Written by Lesley Williamson
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A Way of Life

To savor cornerstones of Ukrainian cuisine, we sample a hearty “Borsch”, a slow cooked beetroot soup with dill, potatoes and cabbage served with sour cream and soft, garlicky buns. The scrumptious “Chicken Kiev” is a staple of Soviet catering, although its exact origins seem to have been lost somewhere behind the Iron Curtain.  

IMG 2754

To build up appetite and clear the palate, Ukrainian customs involve ritual shots of pure vodka throughout the meal. An engaging social tradition that loosens up conversations around emerging patriotism and hopes for closer ties to Europe among Ukrainians, struggling to come to grips with years of stagnation, corruption and domination. Fear of the authorities has given way to a sense of freedom and willingness to speak up against them. Public disillusion with the system’s inability to implement real anti-corruption laws and employment seems to be the driving force behind people's newly found craving for personal achievement and individual initiative.

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Today in Kiev, the air may still be warm with summer’s breath but the winds of change signal that a new season is arriving. Just like autumn is the quintessential period to  transition, to some extent, tourism and the international community’s recognition of this fascinating travel destination show the support we can give to societies aspiring to prosperity and peace.      

View Over The City    

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To eat : Ukrainian specialties and authentic atmosphere: ; Live music and the best steaks in town 

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Text and photography © Lesley Williamson


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