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Tuesday, 30 June 2015

I Survived Mt. Sinai! (barely) - Page 2

Written by Jill Dobbe
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It wasn’t long before I was sick to death of climbing. The end was nowhere near and my enthusiasm was long gone. One hour passed, then two, and each time I asked Dan if we were near the top he shook his head ‘no’ promptly dashing my hopes. As I huffed and puffed he began to worry asking me often if I was okay. So beyond tired I could barely croak out a response, thinking to myself, ‘if he asks me one more time how I’m doing, I will literally push him off this mountain!’

Earlier I hoped to witness the spectacular sunrise that everyone raved about, but right then I could have cared less. Each time I thought we were getting close I looked up only to realize we were still nowhere near the top of the godforsaken mountain. Three and a half hours later as the sky began to lighten I was ready to give up. The climb was killing me. Veering hastily off the path, I located a large, flat rock and promptly plunked my aching body down hoping never to get up again.

“I refuse to go any further. You go ahead and I will wait right here,” I calmly announced to Dan. 

“But you can’t stop now we are almost there!” he shrieked.

“Oh, YES I can, AND I will! I AM SICK OF CLIMBING THIS EFFING MOUNTAIN! I keep thinking the end is near and it NEVER COMES! I AM SICK OF IT! YOU GO!” I bristled. 

“Okay. Then, I will stay here with you.” Dan stated as he sat down on the rock with me.

I was sure that we were bound for divorce right there on holy Mt. Sinai. I cried, I screamed, I begged, but Dan absolutely refused to go on without me no matter how many swear words I lobbed at him. 

Feeling remorseful, I finally stood up and started climbing again. Dan followed right behind not uttering a single word. I stepped onto the very top of Mt. Sinai just as the sun peeked out in all its glory. With wobbly legs I crab-walked over the sharp rocks to an open spot. From there I observed breathtaking views as I caught one last glimpse of the heavenly sunrise. I sat there on top of the world amazed and thankful that I actually made it to the very top. 

And as I sat there contemplating Moses and the majestic views around me, I soon realized I eventually had to get back down the mountain.

Egypt 3 

©Jill Dobbe

Jill Dobbe is author of Here We Are & There We Go: Teaching and Traveling with Kids in Tow. You can buy it here.



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