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Tuesday, 01 March 2016

Destination Dar es Salaam, Tanzania - Page 5

Written by Meredith Chait
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Side Trips from Dar es Salaam


Bagamoyo is a Tanzanian town approximately 60 miles north of Dar es Salaam. It was the German headquarters when German East Africa was its colony. It took approximately one hour and 40 minutes to get there.

There are a few old German buildings still in Bagamoyo. The Catholic Mission compound is home to the oldest Catholic church on mainland Tanzania. 

The Kaole Ruins, built in the 13th century, are a must-see. It includes ruins of a mosque, the ancient port of Bagamoyo, and different graves, depending on the occupation and marital relationship of the deceased. My guide was very knowledgeable. Admission to the Ruins is approximately 20,000 TSH. (Other buildings in town also have 20,000 TSH fees).


Kipepeo Beach and Sinda Island

Kipepeo is a nice beach to visit, relax on, and swim in. There is also a restaurant and campground at Kipepeo. It is approximately a 10-minute ferry ride to get to the Kigamboni district of Dar es Salaam. Then, take a taxi or bajaj to get to the beach. 

From Kipepeo, you can book and take a tour with Dekeza Dhows. Sail to nearby uninhabited Sinda Island. The tour includes walking around the island, snorkeling, and lunch. 

Parts of the coral are dead where I went snorkeling. But, I still saw some interesting sea life, including something that looked like a tomato with moving hair.


Sinda Island, my own private island.


Ruaha Safari

I went on a 3-day/ 2-night safari to Ruaha National Park, in Tanzania. Since I was going alone, I went with Coastal Aviation. They have a package, $750 USD for 3 days/ 2 nights at Mdonya Old River Camp with airfare, food, and safari with a guide and driver included. What a great deal!

I had an amazing time. I saw many different animals and made some new friends. (I was paired with other people, who also booked the deal, for our safari drives). The one problem with the whole experience was that there are no rhinos in the park, as poachers have killed all of them.


Giraffes in Ruaha 

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