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Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Luxor: A Step Back in Time - Page 4

Written by Lydia Horrex
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When I found out I was going to be working for a British tour company, I anticipated traveling to a typical European holiday resort. Images of basic hotels and groups of out-of-control youngsters filled my mind. Let’s face it, this was my first assignment, my plane ticket wasn’t going to say, “Destination: Barbados”. When the job description arrived in the post, I knew my fate for the next six months was sealed. As I nervously opened the letter and read my appointed location, I was unable to be instantly delighted or disappointed; I’d never even heard of the place.

At first I was nervous by Luxor’s horse-drawn carriages, haggling merchants, and sheesha-smoking locals, but I soon learnt that this is what makes Luxor so unique; you actually feel like you have stepped back in time. I may not have experienced the golden beaches, exotic waiters, or chilled Piña Coladas, but I did get to learn a whole lot about Egyptian culture, history, and lifestyle. I also visited Egypt’s top tourist destinations, including the great pyramids.Cairo

Some Travel Tips:

· You can arrive in Luxor by train or road from Cairo, as well as domestic and international flights. Luxor is an excellent base from which to explore all that southern Egypt has to offer. Cruise boats depart daily heading up the Nile towards the city of Aswan. Usually taking about a week most cruises will stop at the temples of Esna, Edfu, and Kom-Ombo along the way.

· If you are searching for budget accommodation, Luxor offers many cheap hotels offering the same standard as that of a hostel.

· Taxi prices around Luxor are cheap. US $6 will get you anywhere along the East Bank. A trip to the West Bank will be around $14, and to hire for the whole day, approximately $40. With all transportation you will have to haggle for a price.

· A great way to get to know the city better is to hire a caliche (horse and carriage). Hiring a caliche will cost in the region of $10 an hour. Your caliche driver will be more than happy to show you where his whole family lives, teach you a little about Luxor’s past, and end the tour at his cousin’s jewellery store.

©Lydia Horrex

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