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Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Serengeti Heritage Luxury Camp, Tanzania - Page 2

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Another great thing about the camp was the location – since we were inside the park all we had to do is roll out of bed and get in the jeep to see the animals at one of the best times of day – early morning when the sun is rising. The other best time is at dusk and if you're staying outside the park you will probably be gone by then as its difficult to drive at night in the remote areas near the parks without big floodlights.

Also, getting into the parks generally is a big logistical nightmare, even though you're paying huge park fees to enter, as the people at the park offices will hold you outside the gates until their computer (which may be down and tough luck for you) confirms all the paperwork you have right in your hand stamped by the appropriate people which says you've already paid at the correct office for the correct number of days. By the way, if it’s not all exactly right you can get sent away to some office an hour away in the town to wait until it opens and pay there again. Tanzania was ridiculous in this regard. After going to four parks in Tanzania and probably averaging an hour at the border of each one, I was actually shocked when we went to Kenya and were allowed into a park without paying anything as their system was down and were just told to drive by the other gate at some point in the day and pay there. Perfectly logical. Maybe at some point the Tanzanian officials will start treating the tourists with a little less suspicion and if they have their mounds of paperwork in order actually let them into the park even if their computer happens to be down – which is quite common in these parts. If you want to see the animals when they are most active it’s easier to be inside the park already.

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The first morning we saw cheetahs just after leaving the camp, and cheetahs along with leopards are some of the most difficult animals to see. Actually, Serengeti was the only park where we ended up seeing leopards. We also managed to see the annual migration too. Massive herds of wildebeest along with zebras are on a big tract to their calving areas and back through fertile plains with fresh grazing while also crossing dangerous crocodile filled rivers and being chased by lions and other predators along the way.

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Heritage was one of the more affordable choices for tented camps in the area. Some of the places are unbelievably expensive especially once you add the park fees which are not included.


If you're looking for an authentic safari experience with fabulous people and a relatively safe experience (compared to the people camping in small pup tents who have to go out in the night to use the toilet) then look no further and give Doctor and his friends a call.

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