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Thursday, 01 September 2016

Heavenly Hamanasi in Belize - Page 3

Written by Jill Weinlein
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Another day, we explored caves and heard stories bout the Mayan underworld and Shamans. Climbing around pitch dark caverns with head lamps, we were in awe of the multi-level chambers that hold 2,000 year old Maya ceremonial items. We saw fire pits, charcoal and ash, broken pottery, alters, glyph writings and actual skeletons of sacrificial victims found in the ceremonial cave.


Before leaving Belize we hopped on bicycles at the Adventure Center and explored the town and harbor of Hopkins. Afterwards we ran and jumped off the pier into the sea to cool down. Many guests gather by the heated pool for a swim before dinner. There are also hammocks on the beach for naps. Nearby are kayaks and standup paddle boards for guests to use.


Each week the staff organizes a cultural presentation to educate guests about Belize. There are unique food items, music and information about the Hamanasi Education fund; Hopkins Belize Humane Society and the World Pediatric Project.


The owners and staff of this resort are very philanthropic. They want to preserve the beauty of the country and its people. The information is for guests who chose to offer a donation at the end of their trip. The owners of Hamanasi happily match each guest’s contribution.


Belize is a country worth visiting to rest and relax or be active throughout the day. The Hamanasi resort provides everything to make your vacation an adventure you will never forget.


©Jill Weinlein



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