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Tuesday, 10 September 2019

How Did You Get That Shot?

Written by Christina Bolton
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In How Did You Get That Shot? David Skernick, a professional photographer and educator, gives detailed info on how he took each of the 144 photos in this coffee table book.


Skernick has a conversational style of writing as if he's in a classroom with you and clearly enjoys giving advice on a range of considerations including: depth of field, shutter speed, F stop, filters, and why he chose a certain lens for each subject. The book is definitely geared towards experienced amateurs with a wide range of equipment available to them.


There is also a fair amount of travel advice since he shares some of his favorite photo spots along certain small roads (almost all in California) as well as where to stop along the way for a burrito. He has an entire section of the book about Point Reyes National Seashore with beautiful landscapes and some great wildlife shots of Elk, Quail and Bobcats. There is a section on Yosemite too.


Some of the most interesting shots were done in infrared which almost makes the leaves of trees look like they are covered with ice. According to Skernick infrared “can be a great way to get a different perspective on a typical subject”, and “the green chlorophyll of the leaves reflects infrared light and turns white.” His photo of redwoods using this technique is fantastic and a wide angle view of a vineyard with huge old trees surrounding it is magical.


The book has quite a lot of interesting commentary from point of view to choosing your light, so if you're a photographer and would like something for your coffee table that you can pick up anytime and delve deep into each photo, give this book a shot.


©Christina Bolton


How Did You Get That Shot?: A Photographer's Journal from America's Back Roads, David Skernick, Shiffer Books, 2019,

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