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Tuesday, 12 February 2008

"Whine" Potosi - Page 4

Written by Sarit Reizin
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While traveling, you end up doing many things that are exciting and fun only in recollection. After the wounds have been licked shut and the pain in your lungs does not feel like a knife through the chest anymore - only then can you say with a straight face that you would do it all over again.


That was at about 5,350m and after a few minutes rest and a brief deliberation he convinced me that we should at least try and get up to a nice round number, like 5,500m, on the GPS, which also happened to be the altitude of camp Argentina. Juan wasn't very happy about that. He kept climbing at our request, but that didn't stop him from whining. "You know something about camp Argentina...," he said, and we hoped he finally decided to change the subject, "...three month ago an avalanche killed a group of climbers who camped there."


Well... at least he changed his tactics from bitching to scaring. The more we kept climbing, the more creative Juan's insults became: "See that vertical wall?" he would say pointing at a nearby cliff "For me, no problem! Shuh-shuh-shuh," he made stabbing motions with his ice axe, "But for you, no way, you would die!" Seriously, if I didn't have better ways of utilizing my energy at that point, I would have told him exactly who would have died and where.

Huayna Potosi, 6,088m mountain near La Paz, ice climbing, adventure travel Bolivia, adventure travel south america, altitude sickness 5,500m. We got there and we have the
GPS to prove it. It's not the peak, but it is still my personal best. We backtracked back to camp following our own footsteps, caught some sleep, ate, and waited for Julian and Miguel. We got a bit worried when they did not show up, but Juan assured us that Miguel is a great guide with twenty years of experience and we have nothing to worry about. And true, in a few more hours Miguel showed up with a very exhausted and hungry Julian who, to our surprise, told us he didn't reach the peak either.


Between you and me, I am ashamed to admit I felt a bit better when I heard that. "I got to about 5,988m," he said. "I could not go any further even though the summit was only 100m away. Even so, I only got as far as I have solely thanks to Miguel's guidance and motivation. He kept pushing me until I could not go any further. 5,988m is still good. I'm just going to say I got to 6,000 and then turned back. Who's gonna know?"

Huayna Potosi, 6,088m mountain near La Paz, ice climbing, adventure travel Bolivia, adventure travel south america, altitude sickness

©Sarit Reizin

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