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Thursday, 23 August 2012

Seeing Sabah’s Orangutans - Page 3

Written by Brian W Fisher
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DSC 0040Just when those guests think that their “Oos and Ahs” have been used up, another very special treat awaits them on return to level ground. A Senior Ranger awaits and clinging to him is, “Ten-Ten” an eighteen month old female Orangutan. “Up close and personal” is a must if one is to savor the moment. No touching of course, as human ailments even as minor as the common cold can be passed on. For ten minutes or so, camera shutters click and camcorders are pointed, as the little ape tries its hand at tree swinging but never more than a few feet away from its caretaker. When it does stray that little extra distance, it immediately realizes the fact, begins to cry and hastily returns into waiting and comforting arms. The entire experience is a delightful mix of awe and entertainment as these endangered species display their natural want—to live in peace and harmony with the rain forest. 

Reflecting on what I had experienced in less than two hours, I was left with mixed feelings. I just couldn't get out of my head, the vision of illegal loggers shooting dead any and all Orangutans should they have reached the age of self-reliance (three to four years) and thus leaving behind the young to die of hunger and depression. Those I saw at Rasa Ria Resort's sanctuary, were all orphans but fortunately rescued, loved, fed, cared for and taught to rehabilitate themselves back into what is left of the primeval Rain Forest. I have admiration for all the Rangers and caretakers who devote so much of their own lives to the welfare of the Orangutans.

I commend the management of the resort for its dedication and persistence in this field and compliment (and urge) the General Manager, Timothy Wright, in continuing to maintain and develop such a vital endeavor. On a closing note, as with any country, there are myriads of other things to see and do. I merely scratched the surface during the twelve days I spent there. What is certain however is that I'll allocate more of them when I return.

©Brian W Fisher

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