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Monday, 23 April 2012

Yachats, Oregon - Page 2

Written by Lynne Nieman
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After a filling breakfast of fresh fruit, eggs and muffins at the Overleaf the next morning, I drove 3 miles south to Cape Perpetua Scenic Area for a much needed hike.  The drive was gorgeous, winding close to the ocean; sometimes high above it, other times eye level to the impressive waves.  Turning left at the Cape Perpetua sign, I checked in at the visitors' center, then found my way to the trail.  There are 26 miles of trails at Cape Perpetua offering everything from old growth forest, to amazing ocean vistas, to colorful tide pools. 

I had settled on a 6 mile loop route, taking the Cook's Ridge Trail to the Gwynn Creek Trail.  The trek was eerie at first, stepping into this dense world alone, but the forest opened its arms to me.  The pine needles that covered the path had turned an earthy brown over time; the moisture had made them as soft as the comforter on my hotel bed.  My footsteps went unheard.

Little mushrooms sprouted up in the fertile, wet ground.  Tree trunks were dressed in bright green, fuzzy moss.  Grass green ferns grew at their feet.  I had this shadowy, wonderous woodland all to myself.    

As I rounded the bend, I saw the rolling Pacific again.  The frothy waves were blindingly white from the sun shining on them.  The ocean always made me feel like I had come home.

There was one more stop though. 

The Heceta Head Lighthouse sits 14 miles south of Yachats.  Built in 1894, it stands 205 feet above the Pacific.  Heceta Head is the brightest lighthouse on the Oregon Coast, beaming its bright light 21 miles out to sea.  Perched on a cliff keeping watch over the sea, it is beautiful.

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