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Monday, 23 April 2012

Yachats, Oregon

Written by Lynne Nieman
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"There is not a lot to do in Yachats, Oregon, but that is what makes this seaside hamlet such a great destination." -

Perfect, I thought.  This was what I needed.  After ending a six year relationship only three short months ago, I yearned to go somewhere to heal my broken heart and rejuvenate my spirit. The remote coastal town of Yachats, Oregon  (pop. 749) sounded perfect. 

I flew into Portland, taking an early flight from Denver, and rented a car. There are a couple of different routes to the coast.  I had chosen a route through the wine country, taking I-5S to OR-99W then to OR-18 W/OR-223 S/SE before heading south on US-101, the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH).  Although a bit longer time-wise, the picturesque views made it well worth it.  There was something about the symmetry of the vineyards that calmed me; the rolling hills of the fertile land put my mind at ease. I felt connected to the earth.

As I made the left onto OR-18/OR-223 S/SE, I noticed a produce market.  I stopped in, anticipating all the yummy fruits and vegetables that I could see growing.  My arms filled with a couple of bags of Oregon tomatoes, berries and hazelnuts, I returned to the road, anticipating the roar of the sea and the salty scent of the air.

After about 3 hours, I turned left onto US-101, the Pacific Coast Highway.  There it was, the Pacific Ocean:  a voracious wild beast, its waves mercilessly  pounding the shore.  I drove south to Yachats, eager to see the quiet town that had captured my imagination.

When I pulled into the parking lot at the Overleaf Lodge, I knew I had chosen wisely.  The hotel was lovely and my room was beautiful and cozy.  The bed was huge, but kitted out with comfy bedding.  The fireplace was an added touch. The best part, however, was the balcony with a killer view of the Pacific, it was superb. 

But, the ocean was calling me, so I grabbed my rain jacket and camera, and fled the warmth of my comfortable room.  I was in search of tide pools.

The 804 Trail runs just outside the hotel, along the rocky coast.  I followed it north and there they were: the sea creatures I had dreamed of.  Starfish of red, orange and purple perilously clung to the craggy rocks.  Bright green sea anemone waved hello to me from under the shallow depths of the salty sea.  My wish was fulfilled.

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