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Sunday, 28 April 2013

Welcome to the Jungle - Page 4

Written by Danielle Ditzian
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      After what seemed like a lifetime, the masked men left the bus, and the men marched back to their seats. I would later find out from Pepito that there were six masked men in total, and that the men had been robbed as the women had (one man even had his shoes stolen, but he was in good humor – the masked men hadn’t taken a single other thing from him!) The bus backed up for two or three minutes for a reason unknown to me, and then continued on to Pucallpa. 

      We stopped at the first town to speak to the police, but, as is usual in these situations, the police couldn’t do anything (except of course make it take us even longer to arrive at our destination while we filled out police reports and such). 

      Eventually we would arrive in Pucallpa, and we would all part ways. No one had been injured in any way, though the knowledge still filled my mind that many could not replace what had been taken from them. 

      It was exactly halfway through my first travels that this all occurred. I had been stripped of my music and my photos, along with the ability to take new photos. I had faced precisely the type of thing I had been warned of in going to a country like this. And I had survived, completely unharmed. Does one, then, call the family and ask to be sent home early? Was it time to cease traveling and return to what I knew?

      Three and a half years after this event, there is nothing I love more than traveling. And this event alone showed me the true strength and courage that I have within me. I finished my travels in Peru as planned, and I have returned since, without an ounce of fear. For when you have considered that you might die at the age of 20 on a bus in the middle of Peru, far from everything and everyone you have ever known, the world is no longer a scary place. 


©Danielle Ditzian





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