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Saturday, 01 May 2021

Cape & Town, South Africa - Page 3

Written by Richard Taylor
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The next day I walked Government Avenue and its adjacent botanical stretch called Companys Garden, formerly a vegetable garden for ships sailing to the Indies. The walking path is braced by vibrant florals and lush palms, features a statue of Cecil John Rhodes, and terminates by a museum surrounded by ponds and ducks and ibises. Near the museum was a kiosk where a young woman was serving meat, fries and peppers on a bun. This was called a mini-gatsby.

IMG 4144


The recipe is a family secret,” she told me. It was passed down to me by my mother.

In the late afternoon I returned to the sea for a last visit. The fogs had once more wafted in, leaving the carefree, sun-splashed movie star coast grey and chilly and deserted. Returning to town via the harbor front, the sun emerged briefly, then vanished again. I felt raindrops. Above me was a tiny dark cloud.

Yes, rain! Thats it man! Its Cape Town!said a young man walking with his buddy. He fist bumped me, like that gold fellow.

Sun and rain. Well that accounted for two. The fog perhaps? Was Season Number Three the foggy season? That would be unusual.

But as the man said, Its Cape Town.

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