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Friday, 16 February 2007

Dining Without Limits in Las Vegas - Page 2

Written by Scott Haas
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Las Vegas is the fattest city in America, according to Men’s Fitness magazine, which has published a survey of the most and least healthy spots in the country over the past ten years. That’s up from #2 in 2006. Viva Las Vegas!

The world’s best chefs are all in Las Vegas with truly spectacular, showboat restaurants: Joel Robuchon (“The World’s Greatest Chef,” according to Patricia Wells, formerly of the International Herald Tribune), Daniel Boulud, Thomas Keller, and Guy Savoy, are among them.

At Michael Mina’s Strip Steak, beef is poached in various types of fat and then grilled. The result? The juiciest, most tender beef imaginable with a terrific seared exterior that seals in the flavor.

Stripsteak ©J. Ormond

“It’s an incredible opportunity to work here,” said Strip Steak’s executive chef, Anthony Carron. “We get to use the world’s finest ingredients. There’s no place else like it.”

Fantasy comes at a price, of course. The Japanese beef used at the restaurant for its rib eye goes for $165 a portion. Where’s the beef? There it is, boom!

stripsteak fries
Stripsteak ©J. Ormond

Other restaurants offer equally wonderful (and pricey) meals: Bouchon, Le Cirque, Picasso, Olives, Shibuya, Craft Steak, or Social House, for example.

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