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Guide for Submissions


Travel Writer/Photographer Contest

Submit your travel articles and travel photography to inTravel Magazine™. The article (or photography showcase) in each issue with the most votes (at least 10) wins $100. Anyone can vote.


Please submit travel stories on the following subjects:

Traditional festivals, indigenous cultures, and unique cultural experiences: 'indigenous'

Solo travel: 'individual'

Travel blunders: 'inept'

Travel on a budget: 'inexpensive', or the opposite: 'indulge'

Articles on natural wonders and how the natural world functions: 'insight'

In depth stories of an extensive journey: 'in-depth'

Romantic places: 'in love'

Reviews of international culinary festivals, local specialties, or unique restaurants: 'in good taste'

Reviews of unique B&Bs, inns, & small hotels: 'innkeeper'

Reviews of yoga or meditation retreats or spiritual experiences: 'inhale'

International school exchange experiences/living in another country: 'interchange'

Volunteering in other countries: 'involved'

See our magazine for all our categories:

Also seeking:

Travel photography showcases of a particular country, city, or area: 'in focus' (submit 8-16 photos)

One great photo: 'indescribable'


Ongoing submissions: Feel free to send articles at any time.

Articles should be previously unpublished word or text files, all pictures should be in jpeg format for web publishing. All articles should include at least 3 pictures and up to 30. Pictures should be sent as jpeg attachments rather than embedded in a word file. If you have an article with pictures you’d like to submit, but are unsure about formatting please contact us and we’ll help you out. Jpeg photos can be sent in any size and we will optimize them, but if you'd like to re-size them yourself they can be made 1000 pixels width and high resolution. Maximum size per email is 10mb, so if you're sending many large photos you can use multiple emails.

Send submissions to: submissions [at] intravelmag [dot] com Thank You!

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