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Traffic Jams on a Sri Lankan Safari

  We tourists are steered sleepy eyed towards our jeep and climb the ladder to the high seats like it’s a bunk bed. The engine starts as alarm bells still ring in our heads, and the truck pulls ...

The Sage Next Door: a Trip to Jersey and Beyond

         Since I have moved back to New York, I have felt a little lost and disconnected. It takes an adjustment to move and then to move yet again- even if the final territory is familiar. In an ...

The Last Climb?

  Maybe I should have gone shopping?   I was two months shy of my 65th birthday, cold, exhausted, and panting in the thin air at 17,000 feet on Ecuador’s Mt. Cotopaxi.  And, as far as I ...

14 Best of 2014: a Trip Around the World

(c)Yutriz Pernía

Travel Photographs: Georgia

Photos by Lies Ouwerkerk               (c)Lies Ouwerkerk

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