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Somewhere Near Vik

Glimpses of a Landscape: Southern Iceland

  14th August Near Keflavík International Airport   The dynamic geology of Iceland is intriguing. We drive along the perimeter of this volcanic island in a semi-circle: from Keflavík to Höfn ...
Cliffs Of Moher0001

A Trek Through Irish Culture in Doolin

    How can a place so remote be so alive? Doolin in County Clare, Ireland, is barely a town, but the locals who gather at Gus O’Connor’s pub couldn’t be more of a community, as tightly knit as a ...
20160411 183527

Ecbc's Sparrow Wheeled Garment Bag

Ecbc's Sparrow wheeled garment bag was designed to make your life easier, at least at getting through security, so you won't need to unpack into a bunch of TSA trays and pack it all back up again ...
IMG 1712

Pondicherry at Christmas Time

  You can always judge a city by its road signs. Well, no you can’t but they do indicate priorities. There’s the rather stark advisory I saw in Madurai: WEAR A HELMET, AVOID DEATH, which was at ...

Travel Photographs: Galapagos

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