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When you go to Africa: Preparing for the Trip of a Lifetime

  I am writing this on a beautifully tiled veranda overlooking a spine of green mountains like the back of some monstrous dinosaur, its plates jutting boldly into the sky. It’s dusk. The sun is ...
The Iconic Ambassador Car

Kolkata: Beyond the Mayhem

To stand on the streets of Kolkata is to be assaulted by this raw and unapologetic city in eastern India. Vehicles, masses of humanity and the climate press down on you from all sides. Amongst the ...
Remote Snorkeling Beach

Zihuatanejo, Mexico: Lose the Map and Get Gloriously Lost

  I say this figuratively. But, sometimes you need to put down the map or guidebook and embrace a spirit of adventure to truly capture the essence of your destination. It happened to us. Most ...

Bagerhat, Bangladesh

  “No crocodiles today,” said Nazmul.  “It’s too cold.” We’d made our first stop of the tour.  Well, the second – we’d pulled up earlier by a pastiche of tents and kiosks so Nazmul could ...

Travel Photographs: Norway

Photos by Christina Kay Bolton     (c)Christina Kay Bolton


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